We offer a band program for the end of the year as a way of connecting you to other learners of your age and level as a way of networking, having fun and rehearsing together in lieu of our end of year performance at Narrabeen Festival. This is a great opportunity, especially as a beginner performer as you will perform with others of similar skill level (great to help the nerves)! 

Yourself and the band would get together on the weekend of Week 7 (instead of your regular lesson time) in a local rehearsal space to prepare your material together. The song will be practiced throughout the term in your private lessons, but not exclusively. The extra cost will cover the rehearsal space at a cost of $38 on top of the term's lesson fee and will run for an hour. The cost that week will effectively be an hour's lesson of $76, the other weeks will be as normal. 

If you would prefer to perform on your own, this is also great and will cost no extra, but there will be a selection process as we only have a 90 minute spot secured for the whole school.

Please let us know before week 8 of Term 3 if you would like to be part of this.