Your creative journey has already begun! Whether you are 4 or 44 + some more, we are here to help you develop your creative voice!

Your creative journey has already begun! Whether you are 4 or 44 + some more, we are here to help you develop your creative voice!

Over a period of 10+ years, we've seen what works and what doesn't work for students. Here are a few tips for you to gain as much as you can out of your lessons and artistic development packages:

  • Be prepared for lessons. If you are a beginner, have a think about 5-10 songs you would like to learn (on top of the weekly book we go through) and we can work on one with you that suits your level of skill. Bring this to your first lesson. Beginners - advanced, please bring sheet music, charts and/or lyrics to the lesson that you would like to learn. Have the selection of songs you would like to learn (unless from a book) ready to be played on a device. If you are a vocalist, bring water. All muso's bring your instruments and diary to write notes and work for the upcoming week. Songwriting students, make sure you have any work brought to the lesson... even if just a few lines of lyrics. Keep a diary/writing book for this.

  • Write down any questions that arose during your weekly practice to ask during the lesson.

  • If something with the lessons aren't working for you, or there's something you need extra attention paid to, please feel welcome to speak up! We want you to enjoy your lessons and benefit from your investment of time and money.

  • Practice makes permanent. It is the responsibility of adult learners and younger learners (with the help of their parents) each week to practice the material learned in the lesson. Children do better with parental support and you will get more out of your time and money practicing each week. We accept no responsibility for performances and exams/auditions under-cooked if the required amount of practice hasn't been put in.

This is your journey. There are no 10-steps-fit-all program with us! We do have a structure of education that promotes our learners to industry standards, however we understand everyone is on a different journey and so we are enthused to work with you wherever you are at and aim towards wherever you want to go. Our vision is that we would be the best partners in helping you achieve your dreams (even if you are just here to gain personal satisfaction from being able to sing or play for yourself, no dream is to small or too tall), because we know the level of satisfaction that comes from starting the journey and seeing progression in yourself and hearing the creativity flourish!